Solving problems I didn’t know I had #2: biased knitting

In the process of swatching for the Armande Cardigan, I learnt that my tension problems were due to rowing out, and could be solved by slightly modifying my knitting technique. When it came to knitting the cardigan itself, I came across another curiosity I’d never encountered before in all my years of knitting.

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Solving problems I didn’t know I had #1: rowing out

One of my favourite things about craft is problem solving. There is always a new technique to try, and challenges to puzzle my way through.* Even though I’ve been knitting for 13 years, and feel confident in tackling most projects, there is always something new to learn. In the process of knitting the Armande Cardigan by Andi Satterlund (still on the needles), I’ve encountered a few challenges and learnt more about knitting along the way.

An image of a woman posing in front of a metal wall. She wears retro styled makeup, headscarf, and yellow cardigan. She is smiling.
The Armande Cardigan, courtesy of Knitty.

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Pumpkin Chevrons

One of my go-tos when I’m stuck between knitting projects is a hat. They take very little time and yarn to knit, and I can usually squeeze one out from leftover yarn from a cardi or jumper. The yarn in this particular project (Heirloom Easy Care 8ply) was leftover from my Pumpkin Vianne cardigan, and because I’m an unimaginative clod, it’s called Pumpkin Chevrons.

A close-up image of a young woman against a blue weatherboard wall. She wears large glasses, purple lipstick, an orange hand-knitted hat and a white tee. She is smiling.

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Summer Slippers

When my beloved Peter Alexander slippers hit the dust this summer, I decided to try my hand at making my own. My previous attempts at crafted slippers were not at all successful – I’d crocheted some slippers a few years back, which remain mostly unworn due to the pain of the crocheted fabric cutting into my foot, and the less said about my countless failed sewn slippers the better.

An image of two yellow handknitted slippers on a white linen.

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An Extensive Knitted Layette, and Reflections on a Life Unlived

Last time I shared part of a knitted and sewn layette I made for my cousin’s baby. In this post, I’ll show you the garments I knit and some reflections on creating them – you can check out the other post for the sewn creations (yeh, I got a bit carried away).

My knitted layette is as deliberately co-ordinated as my sewn layette was haphazardly thrown together. It consists of a matching cardigan, hat and booties. You can click on the links under the photos for my Ravelry notes and pattern information. I loved knitting (and crocheting) this layette, and it gave me cause to reflect on the influence my extended family has had on my life.

An image of a knitted layette flat on a wooden surface. Layette consists of cardigan, hat and booties, in white and green wool.

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Regina the Fourth

OK, so I know I promised you more Christmas presents, but I haven’t managed to get adequate photos of them yet. So instead, I wore a wool hat and scarf in 35C+ degree heat to take photos of this project. It’s a hard-knock life, guys.

An image of a woman wearing a red cloche and white scarf.
Scarf is Trellis Scarf by Purl Bee, knitted in white Ton of Wool cormo which is unfortunately discontinued. Lipstick is Kate Moss for Rimmel #10, for any other diehard lippie fans.

This hat is my Regina the Fourth, named as such as this is the fourth hat pattern I’ve made from this yarn (not counting all the hats of the same pattern knit and reknit cos I chose the wrong size). It started as a Verity, which was immediately ripped and knit into a Cloche Divine, then Ripley, and now Carina Spencer’s free Regina pattern.

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2016 Christmas Presents – Part I, Accessories

Despite my usual insistence that making Christmas presents is for chumps, somehow this year I managed to make far more presents than I expected. I’ve split them into two posts: this first post features the presents I made for my childhood friends Alyce and Beth. Continue reading “2016 Christmas Presents – Part I, Accessories”