It’s winter here, which means I have a shit ton of hand knits to share with you. My latest creation is the Pyukkleen cowl, from Ysolda Teague’s Knitworthy. I’ve knitted so many garments from Knitworthy now that it has its own tag, and Ysolda patterns make up the bulk of my knitted projects. What can I say, I know what I like. Continue reading “Pyukkleen”

New Strokkur

It was only a few weeks ago that I shared my Strokkur jumper with you….and now I have another one! You might recall that although I loved the fit and design of the Strokkur jumper, the Lopi yarn I knitted it with was just too scratchy for my liking. So I sold that one, and promptly knitted another.

A woman stands in front of a garden fence. She wears a yellow and grey colourwork yoke Icelandic jumper, blue jeans and brown suede boots.

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In the Folds Wide Leg Pants

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know my excitement over In The Folds’ latest pattern release for Peppermint Sewing School: the Wide Leg Pants. Wide leg, high waist pants seem to be the latest trend in the online sewing community, and I think In The Folds’ version is the best executed pattern so far. Given my previous positive experiences with their pattern drafting, sewing their latest release was an easy decision.

A woman poses in a short sleeve black tee and wide leg, high waist, crop pants in a mid blue denim.
I mean, really.

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Trauma is the blurst (and so is the NDIS)

It’s been a shit few weeks. Months, really. My health has been irreversibly fucked up by my ill-fated trip to Geelong, yet I’ve still had to deal with every crisis life wants to throw at me. Continue reading “Trauma is the blurst (and so is the NDIS)”

This is a mobility aid

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I use a wheelchair the same way I use a car: to get places that are farther than I can walk. I repeat: I use a wheelchair the same way I use a car, to get places that are further than I can walk. ID: The words "This is a mobility aid" are superimposed on a semi-transparent rectangle over an image of a very large red van in front of a building with bright blue windows. B is grinning from the front passenger seat because she's making Emily parallel park for us. #chronicillness #invisibleillness #contestedillness #undiagnosed #chronicfatigue #sleepdisorder #pcos #disabled #disability #disabilitystudies #biopolitics #sick #sickgirlsclub #illness #spoonie #spoonielife #asianspoonie #toronto #canada #asian #canadian #WalangHiya

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As I’m mostly in my wheelchair when out and about these days, I’ve been fielding questions (all good natured) about its use. I’m always happy to explain about the prevalence of ambulatory wheelchair users, but sometimes want for a simpler explanation. Kat from The Willows Work on Instagram provided one:

I use a wheelchair the same way I use a car: to get places that are farther than I can walk.
I repeat: I use a wheelchair the same way I use a car, to get places that are further than I can walk.


As well as offering a pithy response to those who enquire about mobility devices, Kat sparked a valuable discussion on the use of cars as mobility aids. I’ll certainly be using her line in the future.

Two winter dresses: Frankie vs Ottobre

This winter I was on the search for a comfortable jersey dress, one with long sleeves and reasonably thick fabric which wasn’t a mini. You’d think that would be an easy ask, but apparently not. After scouring the shops, both local and online, I resorted to making my own. I ended up making two dresses using two similar patterns, so if you’re the kind of sewing nerd who likes detailed pattern comparison (or a PATTERN SHOWDOWN), read on!

Two images of a woman standing against a garden fence, wearing nearly identical black dresses.
Left: Tessuti Frankie Dress, right: modified Ottobre #18. Ladder Stripes – viscose knit dress from Autumn/Winter 5/2017.

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Rethinking Brownyn

Sometimes it takes a bit of ordinary wear to fully iron out the kinks of a project, and that’s exactly what happened with my Bronwyn jumper. The ribbed neckband, which seemed just right before blocking, stretched out to a more open neck after a good soak. Continue reading “Rethinking Brownyn”