URGENT: flash sale at Lilu & Bey to aid Manus crisis (and other ways you can help)

Cat doll
Ginny the cat, on sale for $20

I, and many Australians, have been watching the human rights crisis unfold on Manus Island with horror. Refugees under the the “care” of the Australian government, who have been kept imprisoned in detention  centres for years, were abandoned with no food, water, or medicine. PNG police have been committing acts of brutality and violence against them – as we, the Australian public, have been for years with our complicity.

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Writing published elsewhere

Recently I was lucky enough to have two pieces of my writing published. The first was for a popular Australian lifestyle website, Mamamia, entitled, “Seven things you probably don’t know about chronic fatigue syndrome.” I was very grateful for the opportunity to share my experience of ME/CFS with a wider audience, and it was well-received within the Aussie ME/CFS community.

The second was another political piece for Independent Australia, “What the ‘female’ traffic light response reveals about how society views women.” The city of Melbourne recently decided to replace a few traffic light symbols with figures wearing dresses, and chaos outrage vitriol ensued. This article is my take on how we view the “feminine” in public spaces.

Lilu & Bey

A toy cat made from denim and orange retro print fabric.
Ginny the Clever Cat

Today, I thought I’d write about a little sewing enterprise of mine. I know what you’re thinking – “not another sewing blogger monetising their blog! Soon she’ll be announcing her exciting collaboration with Sprout Patterns”. Don’t worry, Lilu & Bey is something entirely different.

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A glimpse into the past – Women’s Budget Magazines, 1913

Women's Budget Magazine

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