Merino February Hat

This was an interim knit, made in April while deciding which jumper to knit this winter. And what better interim knit than a hat? I’ve made plenty of berets, cloches and caps before (see my Hats tag or Ravelry projects page for more), but my hat wardrobe was conspicuously lacking in beanies. So I turned to Kelbourne Woolens’ free hat pattern, the February Hat.

Siobhan stands in front of a weatherboard wall, wearing a grey handknit textured hat, similar style scarf, and plain grey handknit jumper. She is smiling.
Worn with my Rockcliffe Scarf, Blank Canvas Jumper and Grainline Archer shirt.

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Book reviews: Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia & Growing Up African in Australia

I thought I’d share some more book reviews with you from my Instagram account (@siobhansimper, if you’re interested). Black Inc. books have been publishing anthologies in a Growing Up…In Australia series. The first published was Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia, and there have been many more after this (Growing Up African, Queer, Asian, with a Disabled anthology on the way too!). The first two I’ve read (Growing Up Aboriginal and Growing Up African) have been such fantastic reads that I’m determined to finish the series!


A book entitled

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Zealana yarn reviews, and an unexpected break

Hello! As we’re now thoroughly into winter, I’ve been dreaming up knitting projects to keep me warm. I just finished an interim hat from scraps, which hopefully I will blog when I block it.* Next up is a jumper.

Six balls of Zealana Kauri Fingering Weight, a heathered grey fine yarn.

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Thinking about making

I was updating my Handmade Gallery page recently, and it got me thinking about my knitted and sewn output. (You can access my Handmade Gallery at the top of my blog – it’s a pictorial summary of everything I’ve made and posted on the blog to date.) Although I’ve a few garments made up and waiting to be photographed/blogged, so far this year my output is dramatically reduced from years previous.

It’s up in the corner there. I also have pages for Tips & Tutorials, and Resources including A Dummies’ Guide to ME/CFS, Electrolyte Drink Mega-Review, compression garments guide, and free vintage sewing and knitting patterns.

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Juggling appointments

Warning: contains GIFs

Being chronically ill is much like juggling countless juggling balls, only to realise no one has ever actually taught you to juggle, and you have to muddle on as best you can on your own, with the threat of the full weight of your life’s obligations coming crashing down on you at any given moment.* Some assume that having a chronic illness absolves you from mundane life tasks, but the opposite is true: you have to deal with the same challenges everyone else does, with limited resources, as well as the other shit chronic illness throws at you.

Illustration of a red haired girl throwing her arms up to juggle three apples.
Ooooo, open source images.

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More book reviews: Dark Emu, Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race & Algorithms of Oppression

Over on Instagram, I’ve been reviewing some books I’ve read lately. I realise not everyone follows me on that platform, so here’s my latest book reviews. My current reading is focused on non-fiction anti-racism work, which these reviews reflect.


Book cover: Dark Emu, Black Seeds: Agriculture or Accident? by Bruce Pascoe. Cover art is an artistic rendering of an emu's head with piercing stare.

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