Colourful knee high compression socks – review

Looking back at my photos, I realised that I bought some compression socks (and made a quick post on Instagram about them) many months ago, but they never made it to the blog. I’ve already written a fairly lengthy post on compression stockings, with reviews of everything from sports compression tights (2XUs, Skins etc) to Juzo compression stockings to cheap beige maternity stockings, so if you want to know the basics of compression garments for the treatment of POTS, head over there first.

Compression socks: black with coloured star print, red with small heart print, grey with yellow and blue stripe, black with floral print.
Black with coloured stars, red with hearts, grey with stripes, yellow and blue flowers wide calf.

Although I’d tried many traditional compression stockings – 20-30mmHg, thigh- or waist-high, made from a thin and non-breathable synthetic blend, I didn’t have anything less heavy-hitting in my stocking wardrobe for days when I didn’t need much compression. Enter, a store selling, among other things, cotton-blend knee high socks in a variety of colours and patterns.

Being knee high and only 15-21mmHg compression, they are less supportive than the full hose. They’re still enough to stop my feet turning purple and swollen, though I understand some may require greater compression, particularly those prone to more swelling. I found them more comfortable than, say, TEDs, but you still might find the knee band painful if you have sensitive skin in that area.


Compressions socks: black with 2 white flowers, yellow and black leopard print, rainbow stripe, black with winking eyes on toes.
Black with big roses, leopard, lightblue with colored stripes, wink-wink.

What I like best about the socks (besides their fantastic prints!) is the feel. As someone with sensory issues, the sweaty, synthetic traditional compression stockings are only just bearable, but these feel much more like regular socks. They are a 54% cotton, 40% polyamide, 6% elastane blend. I’m usually sensitive to polyester in my clothing, but these were very wearable. The fabric is also thicker, and therefore more suited for colder months, than regular hose.


For just $23AUD I’d highly recommend these stockings. They’re perfect if you like ridiculous novelty socks, don’t want/need to wear tights all the time or if you prefer a more natural-feeling fibre. also offer nylon and bamboo hose, maternity tights and diabetic circulation socks. (Not a sponsored post.)


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Author: Siobhan S

20 something, living in country Australia. Spoonie profile: ME/CFS, dysautonomia, anxiety. All about sewing, knitting and food. Unapologetic feminist and disability advocate.

6 thoughts on “Colourful knee high compression socks – review”

  1. Barbara Emodi did a post a year or so ago on compression socks – I can’t remember why she needs them, but if you haven’t read it you might find it interesting.

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    1. Just had a look – seems like she had trouble finding fashionable compression stockings too. Though the hyperbole was a bit much! I’ve worn beige compression stockings and not dropped dead yet.


  2. This isn’t one of my particular needs but, as a person who experience some amount of sensory sensitivity re: fabric texture, I think it’s awesome that these feel more like normal socks than elastic bands! Also, they are cute and fun. Cuz everyone needs cute and fun socks – and all the more if wearing them to provide compression is non-negotiable.

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  3. Always great to hear the truth from somone who has actually ‘walked in the shoes’ or socks. 😉 Compression socks hurt the back of my leg so badly I had to stop. (The Dr tried looser ones but still with the pain.) So cool that they are not so plain jane as they once were. 🌼

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