Thinking about making

I was updating my Handmade Gallery page recently, and it got me thinking about my knitted and sewn output. (You can access my Handmade Gallery at the top of my blog – it’s a pictorial summary of everything I’ve made and posted on the blog to date.) Although I’ve a few garments made up and waiting to be photographed/blogged, so far this year my output is dramatically reduced from years previous.

It’s up in the corner there. I also have pages for Tips & Tutorials, and Resources including A Dummies’ Guide to ME/CFS, Electrolyte Drink Mega-Review, compression garments guide, and free vintage sewing and knitting patterns.

In 2018, I made 29 garments (more on this in 2018 in Creations), down from 31 in 2017. That’s just over a garment a fortnight. This year, I’ve only blogged 5 creations, or 1 a month. Now, this is mostly due to poor health affecting how much I can knit and sew (and blog!), but I’ve also been contemplating how I want what I create to fit into my wardrobe.

This is both in the literal sense (I only have so much storage space!) and in the meaning that I want to create clothes and accessories I will actually wear. I’ve done some ruthless culling of my clothes lately, in recognition of the fact that so much of it were items that I don’t (or can’t) wear anymore.

Pie chart: kept or sold/gave away as of 2019. 8 items (29.6%) were sold/given away, 19 items (70.4%) were kept.

I thought I’d turfed a lot of handmade items, but it seems only 8 (or 29.6%) of my 2018 creations hit the donate/sell pile, leaving 19 remaining. That’s pretty good considering just how much I got rid of!


Now that my sewing and knitting time is limited, and my wardrobe somewhat streamlined, I’m aiming to sew and knit things with the intent purpose of getting a lot of wear out of them. I’m all too readily sucked into the latest making trends (must. not. make. jumpsuit.) and need to really keep myself in line to make sure the garments fresh off the sewing machine/needles actually get worn.

A collage of Siobhan's sewn and knitted creations.
Some of the items I made in 2018. L-R, top-bottom: Bronwyn Jumper, Burda long sleeved blouse 04/2010 #114, Grainline Hemlock Tee x 2, self drafted ponte skirt from Maria Denmark tutorial, Pattern Fantastique Glacial Tee, Ottobre Autumn/Winter 5/2017 #18. Ladder Stripes – viscose knit dress (altered), Strokkur Jumper, Style Arc Blaire Shirt.

This also means not planning too far ahead. It might seem counter-intuitive, but I have a habit of thinking wayyyyyy too far into the future (hello, fellow anxious people?) and planning my creations out there too. By the time I’ve finished all my recent projects, whatever I had planned usually doesn’t seem practical or interesting to me anymore, so I end up selling the fabric/yarn or making something I don’t wear (which gets sold/donated).

So I’m just going to work on what I have planned for the immediate future, and let the rest slide. Let’s face it – I’m working at a turtle’s pace right now, as my illness isn’t exactly letting me burn through projects anymore! Next up in my queue is a simple top-down, seamless jumper, perhaps in the style of Ysolda’s Blank Canvas; and maybe some winter shirts. Button up shirts are one garment I can never have too many of!



A collage of 9 button up shirts Siobhan has made.
This isn’t even all of them. L-R, top to bottom: Burda long sleeved blouse 04/2010 #114, Grainline Archer Shirt in strawberries, Burda 7136, Burda silk blouse 04/2011 #105, Burda long sleeve blouse (again!), Dalek Burda Emily Shirt, Grainline Archer, yet another Grainline Archer, StyleArc Blaire Shirt.


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Author: Siobhan S

20 something, living in country Australia. Spoonie profile: ME/CFS, dysautonomia, anxiety. All about sewing, knitting and food. Unapologetic feminist and disability advocate.

6 thoughts on “Thinking about making”

  1. I have been thinking along the same lines lately. I have decided to slow down my sewing and really think about my next item and think hard about how that pattern/fabric will fit in with my wardrobe and whether it is the look I want to project to the world. I am also trying to convince myself not to make a jumpsuit (unless the right occasion comes along!) and need to make more woven tops as I tend to make lots of knit tees. I hope your health improves so you can keep enjoying your making.

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