Article published on Independent Australia: Horse racing kicks sand in the face of Levy’s Beach

Hi folks! I’m pleased to announce that after a long hiatus, I’ve had another article published on Independent Australia: “Horse racing kicks sand in the face of Levy’s Beach”.

My home town of Warrnambool has been divided recently over the Council & State Government’s decision to allow 160 commercial racehorses per day to train on a coastal reserve. This beach is one of the few nesting grounds of the endangered hooded plover, among other protected wildlife.

I’ve written about my disgust at Council’s flagrant disregard for the environment, its people and the Traditional Owners of the land. I’d appreciate it if you’d give it a read.

A small bird with brown, white and black markings stands on a beach.
Hooded plovers: so cute, so endangered. Source: Wikipedia.

Author: Siobhan S

20 something, living in country Australia. Spoonie profile: ME/CFS, dysautonomia, anxiety. All about sewing, knitting and food. Unapologetic feminist and disability advocate.

10 thoughts on “Article published on Independent Australia: Horse racing kicks sand in the face of Levy’s Beach”

  1. Well done, Siobhan! Your article was beautifully written, sensitive and well thought out. I hope it makes people sit up and take notice, because this definitely needs to be stopped.

    Happy new year, by the way, I really hope 2019 will be a wonderful year for you. ❤❤

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  2. So surprised, I know these conflicts happen all the time but thought having cute animals onside meant victory, and the Hooded Plover is pretty cute.
    What’s cute about horses on a beach 😦

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