Electrolyte drink review updates, and some thoughts on Banana Bag

Just letting you know I’ve updated my Electrolyte Drinks Mega-Review post with a couple more reviews. The first is for Repalyte, a flavour-free rehydration sachet which Ruth kindly sent me. It’s a handy alternative for those who cannot tolerate flavours or extra ingredients. The other is Aqualyte, an Australian-made product which proved a sugary disappointment. Check out my mega-review post for more!

At some point (i.e., when I have the money) I intend to review Banana Bag Oral Solution. Banana Bag has become incredibly popular in the online chronic illness community, but their oversold claims and high price point concern me. Yes, it has high electrolyte levels, but the fact that they market it as a “hospital grade product” equivalent to an IV which can apparently provide vague benefits such as “energy” to even perfectly healthy people sets alarm bells ringing for me.

One of the defining characteristics of sham treatments is that they promise everything to everyone, which no actual treatment can possibly provide. I also worry that many who have found Banana Bag beneficial are dysautonomia patients who have never tried lifestyle interventions before such as increased salt and fluid intake, or other rehydration drinks. So when they do derive benefit from Banana Bag, they attribute it to its unique properties, and end up paying through the roof for something they could get for near nothing (by drinking salt, sugar and water, for instance).

Glowingly positive reviews of Banana Bag.
A compilation of Banana Bag reviews which are in NO WAY suspiciously positive.

At $12.49USD (+ $13.06USD international post) for a five-pack which makes 1.2L of solution, Banana Bag is nearly 3.5 times the cost of Gastrolyte ready-to-drink. If you drank 1L per day (as I do), you’d be up for $424.49AUD per month. I pay $2.50 for 2 months worth of Lite Salt to make my own electrolyte solution, so for that price, Banana Bag better make me shit rainbows and dance through the streets, symptom-free.

If I have the spare funds to try, I’ll review Banana Bag and update this post.

Author: Siobhan S

20 something, living in country Australia. Spoonie profile: ME/CFS, dysautonomia, anxiety. All about sewing, knitting and food. Unapologetic feminist and disability advocate.

10 thoughts on “Electrolyte drink review updates, and some thoughts on Banana Bag”

  1. I have wasted so much money for yeeeears on supplements etc. So when I tried something 3 years ago that actually worked I was shocked!

    My daughter Mercy who has Sotos Syndrome came to us at age 5 drugged with Risperidone. We weaned her off, but she needed something. I tried the supplement that I liked and woe and behold she loves it more than I do! A few of my teens tried it too. Two said “meh”, two said yeah it helped! The cost is more than we can afford for us all so we only buy it for my daughter Mercy. I of course told her Dr and he just shrugged his shoulders. (Drs!! he doesn’t trust supplements from anybody) But even he suggested another supplement called N-acetyl Cysteine, which has done wonders too! Mercy loves it. Yeah!!! no psychotropic meds…………as if. grrr 5 yr olds on anti-psychotics- please. :o(

    So recently I also tried (yup still trying!) another supplement that has for surprise surprise helped me too! The first time I bought it it was trial price cheap and cheaper if you subscribed. One time offer. Yeah right- what if it doesn’t work and they don’t refund you like they promised? So after trying it once and realized I wanted more, it did work! So I googled things like “(name of product) cheap in bulk” and well you know how google is, just keep adding removing trying words and lo and behold the intro price ad popped up and I bought more. Of course still pricey but hey it really works! I can’t figure out how to do the ‘ingredients” on my own. So I was happy.
    So now just about every blog I go to has an ad for some more!!!! At a sale price?? (few bucks more than intro but way less than website price). OY!
    Oh well I’m locked in on intro price until I can no longer afford it!

    Try googling your product a bunch of ways and maybe find a deal! Or better yet write and ask if you could just try it? Maybe they’ll say o.k.?
    sorry so long :o)


    1. Looking at the ingredients, I don’t really see how it could be superior to any other product. I think making your own is the way to go as in the long run the cost really adds up.


  2. You mean you don’t already shit rainbows? So disappointed in you girl! I don’t know shit about any of this stuff, but your reviews are always interesting in any case. I’m dubious about any review that says ‘this product’ as it could have been nicked from anything…


  3. I find this really helpful, and love that you take the artificial crap etc. into account. So many ‘health’ products are too sweet and chemical to even drink. Thansk for the updates.


  4. For those who make their own electrolyte drinks, I’m curious if it matters what kind of water you use? I tend to drink alkaline water with electrolytes, and am concerned adding to it would mess with the ratios. Do you start with tap water? Distilled? Drinking water?


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