Top 5 misses of 2017

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This post is a little more difficult than the last (top 5 hits), as I tend to ditch unsatisfactory projects far before they reach the blog. With that in mind, these are my top 5 misses for 2017:

1. Closet Case Ginger Jeans

A woman stands in front of a garden fence. She wears dark blue, slim jeans and a button up shirt.

This is a tricky one, as I actually really love my Closet Case Ginger Jeans and wear them all the time. But the quality of materials used makes this a project a failure for me. The denim quickly pilled and is still bleeding dye onto everything, despite numerous washings. And the notions which I purchased direct from Closet Case Patterns are cheap and plastic-y, and the button very soon began to bend off at an angle. Sewing jeans, never again.

Cartoon men shovel money into a furnace.
This is how I feel about sewing my own jeans.
2. Simplicity 3754 denim skirt

A woman stands in a veranda. She wears a white tee with black cat print, and a straight black denim skirt, with gold necklace and shoes.

This skirt sucked for similar reasons. The dark denim rubbed white at seams even while sewing, and looked worn (not in a good way) before the first wearing. I’ve also found it’s too much trouble for what it’s worth to try and fit straight skirts to my body due to a weird waist-hip ratio I have going on. I donated this, mostly unworn, to Vinnies.

3. Merino Paola Turtleneck Tee

Woman stands in front of weatherboard house. She wears pink merino long sleeve tee, black pants and ankle boots.

I adore this top and don’t consider it a “miss” per se, it just wasn’t right for me. I’m still new to sewing with merino jersey and was uncertain of which weight to purchase when making online orders (you wouldn’t see quality fabrics like merino jersey within 100kms of where I live!). This Paola turtleneck tee turned out a bit too thin for my liking, despite how much I love the colour and style. It’s made a new home with Naomi, so this one has a happy ending!

4. Style Arc Adeline Top

A woman stands in a garden, wearing a black kimono sleeve top with colourful gem floral pattern, black pants and red shoes.

Again, I love this top, but circumstances beyond my control have made it a flop. Although I overlocked the seams, I must have clipped a bit too deeply to the kimono underarm, as our new (brutal!) washing machine tore those seam allowances to shreds. My usually reliable narrow machine-turned hem also came undone in the wash.

I’ve refinished the seams and sewn another, deeper hem, but I don’t expect this top to last long against the new machine. Guess it’s french seams all the way when I’m sewing rayon now!

5. Ottobre 5/2016 #5 – vintage lines ribbed sweater

Woman stands in garden archway. She wears a grey turtleneck skivvy, denim skirt and boots.

This wasn’t a terrible pattern, just a matter of poor fabric choice. A 100% cotton jersey with minimal stretch will never be a good substitute for a rib knit with good stretch and recovery. Like a lot of my projects, this was really just sewn to use up fabric I had hanging around the house, and ended up at the op shop.

Author: Siobhan S

20 something, living in country Australia. Spoonie profile: ME/CFS, dysautonomia, anxiety. All about sewing, knitting and food. Unapologetic feminist and disability advocate.

12 thoughts on “Top 5 misses of 2017”

  1. Ugh, what a bummer that bad fabric and notions made your jeans a fail–I’d have been fuming!! I still love that Naomi “adopted” your Paola turtleneck; it was a lovely top but I can understand what you mean about fabric weight. I still haven’t sewn with merino jersey, but hopefully someday I will know how it feels! 😉


  2. It’s sad enough when a pattern “fails”, but it’s really sad when you’ve sewn so beautifully and the fabrics/notions/wash machine kill them! So far I’ve only had pattern fails. Two from one company. And it was so frustrating because I really liked the design/lines.
    I agree with misspebblesgirl, you look lovely in them!


  3. Isn’t it crap when you go to all the effort…and then it just doesn’t work? I’m just preparing my end of year summary, and I’m actually quite pleased that there are so few crappy or ‘meh’ items in the list overall. I still don’t feel I’ve been as productive as usual, but most of the things I made have been or are being worn a fair amount. On to 2018, bearing a banner made of many, many scraps of fabric!

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      1. I#ve just started prepping my end of year summaries too, and was surprised that there are surprisingly few on the reject/meh list. Unavoidable that some happen, I suppose as you go on you get better at nailing your own style? Maybe.


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