The Adeline Top and Sewing Machine Drama

This is another in a series of summer tops I’ve been sewing. The fabric is a gorgeous rayon from the Spotlight $2/m clearance table. I usually don’t wear much black, but the gem-like colours in the pattern were too entrancing to resist.

A woman stands in a garden, wearing a black kimono sleeve top with colourful gem floral pattern, black pants and red shoes.
Worn with some hand-me-down (or up, considering how much shorter my auntie is than me) Gordon Smith pants and Mel moon bow loafers.

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When Deconditioning Becomes a Distraction

Warning: contains GIFs

You can’t go very long living with a chronic illness without hearing the word “deconditioning” whispered in your ear: by doctors, physios, and society at large. “You MUST exercise,” they say, “or your muscles will waste away to nothing. Don’t you want to get better?” However, as important a role exercise plays in chronic illness management – and I do not deny it has a role to play – I believe that an overemphasis on exercise and deconditioning can be a distraction from seeking real treatment and places the onus of illness squarely on the patient.

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Children At Play

You may remember I sewed my friend’s daughters special dresses for their Christmas presents in 2016. The pattern was the Square Neck Smock/Dress from Sew Sweet: Handmade Clothes for Girlssewn up in a lucky fabric find from the op shop – Michael Miller’s Children at Play Parade.

Luckily for you (and me!), their dad is an ace photographer, and took some beautiful photos of Freya and Eliza wearing their dresses at the Port Fairy beach. These photos certainly brightened up my day, and I hope they have the same effect on you. Enjoy!

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Burda Bat Sleeve Shirt 04/2015 #123B

I like to keep a close eye on the latest Burda releases, and when this pattern was announced, I knew I had to make it. The drama! The boxiness! Those sleeves!

A woman stands in a garden, wearing a bright yellow, boxy top, sunglasses, and fern print palazzo pants.
My gorgeous viscose pants are actually from KMart, would you believe? I just replaced the elastic waist with something a bit softer and hemmed them for my hilariously short legs after these photos were taken.

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