Named Kielo Dress

I’ve been commenting and chatting to people about the Named Kielo Dress I made for several months now, so I figured it was time to bite the bullet and actually blog the darn thing! This story, I believe, began back in November, when Mads suggested I try Named Patterns. She rightly assumed I would enjoy their style and draft, and I have been especially pleased with the garments I’ve made from their line, the Sointu Kimono Sleeve Tee and the Inari Tee Dress. I am equally happy with the Kielo Dress!

A woman stands in a garden. She wears a full length dress with ties at waist, in a colourful feather print, and silver runners.
Fab shoes courtesy of our new Cotton On superstore (yeh, we’re that fancy now). Necklace from op shop.

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A casual summer outfit: Burda short sleeve shirt and altered RTW pants

I’m really behind on blogging some garments – this shirt was made way back at the beginning of December. At the time, the weather was warming up and I decided I needed some new short sleeve shirts. So, armed with yet another fabric order from The Remnant Warehouse, I got to work.

A woman wearing a short sleeve white shirt and loose, floral print pants.
Apologies for the terrible indoor photos – I couldn’t get this shirt to photograph well outside. Custom necklace from Demeter Studio, marble bangle Country Road from a BSS page, Diana Ferrari gold leather flats from op shop.

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On Being “Nice”

Warning: mentions of sexual abuse threats, racial abuse

Reading a Facebook post by disability activist Carly Findlay got me thinking about “niceness” – in particular, the concept that minority groups such as the disabled must always be “nice” to their oppressors, lest they seem angry, ungrateful, or unworthy of accomodation. It is my contention that the idea of “niceness” is just another way to silence minority groups, and define the ways they should behave to be deemed worthy of acceptance by the prevailing majority.

I speak to this issue as a member of the disability community, though I feel it is a problem shared by many minority groups.

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Summer Slippers

When my beloved Peter Alexander slippers hit the dust this summer, I decided to try my hand at making my own. My previous attempts at crafted slippers were not at all successful – I’d crocheted some slippers a few years back, which remain mostly unworn due to the pain of the crocheted fabric cutting into my foot, and the less said about my countless failed sewn slippers the better.

Yellow handknitted mary jane slippers.

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6 Things You Can Do For Your Chronically Ill Friend

Warning: contains GIFs

Last time, I shared some of the unexpected things you shouldn’t say to someone with a chronic illness. Today, I’ll let you know a few favours you could do for your sick pal to show your support.

1. Stay in their lives

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7 Unexpected Things Not to Say to Your Chronically Ill Friend

We’ve all seen these lists – 10 things not to say to your friend with a chronic illness. I figured I’d tackle the less expected quips that come up in the life of a spoonie.

1. That looks like fun!

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Mysterious phone calls, Stalinist conspiracies, and Burda 7390

If you follow my Instagram, you may already know my penchant for writing letters to the editor. A topic of particular interest to me is climate change. Apparently it is of interest to others, as whenever I have a letter printed regarding climate change, I receive a phone call from a concerned stranger who is determined to correct my beliefs regarding the Great Global Warming Conspiracy.

A woman stands in a garden. She wears a knee-length tent dress in an orange tropical floral print. A black and white cat sits next to her.
I know this is super bright but it’s all we have right now. Also: THOSE PEACHES

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